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The fact is....

We are far from achieving pay equity.

White women earn 84% of what men earn.

Asian American women earn 80% of what men earn.

Black or African American women earn 69% of what men earn.

Native American women earn 59% of what men earn.

Hispanic or Latina women earn 57% of what men earn.


As we mark the first Equal Pay Day in 2024,

TONE invites you, your friends and colleagues to join us for a free, practical discussion about the strategies and tactics you can use to get paid equally.

Featuring our expert panelists

Founder & CEO

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Paradigm for Parity



Negotiation Expert and Executive Coach

what you’ll learn:

  • How to talk openly about salary expectations

  • How to respond to an initial offer

  • How to negotiate a competitive compensation package

  • How to make a case for a promotion and/or pay increase

  • How pay transparency regulations could help you

and MORE!

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